“Speaking of your little mouse. She knew that she had agreed to this and that she was doing it for Ken. “But I thought we were going to stay long enough for Alan to service me too,” she continued. “What are you thinking about Alan?” asked Debby. I used to hang around a lot with my best friend casper, and used to stay in his house over the weekends and also during the weeks to study as my father & mother worked a lot abroad it was the perfect match up for them. THE FIRST WEEKEND… Friday seemed to come quickly this week. Emily leaned forward and in a husky voice whispered to me, “Any time now is good for me you red hot fucker. “It doesn’t have to end Alan. Working on cold equipment is miserable, you can never wear gloves because the bolts are too small or the space too tight to even get your bare hand in. “You need to fuck me with that cock and fill me full of cum. He was naked, sporting a nice huge 7” fuck tool. I couldn’t wit for Friday night… and not for the usual reasons. “Dunno, sure looks like he could,” responded Debby warming to the idea. It snapped out and slammed against his lower abs. She also seemed excited at the idea. On the way home she brings it up. You need help with that? I was startled, but somehow, I wasn’t surprised that Deimos had cornered me in the showers


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