” Vicky looked around the room for a cupboard, finally finding the handle in the wall opposite the dressing table. . Moaning quietly to your self. . Yes, it was fun, I said with a coy smile. The sounds of sex slowly subsided, as both the black slave and his Mistress regained control over their senses. She always makes sure he gets his happy ending, but she also knows that using him is what turns him on. Anita was wearing a short skirt like most of the other women; but the only difference was she was naked under hers and she had cum running down her thighs. Oh baby. Her cunt throbbed, the heavy rings through her lips pulling them down, stretching the area round her clit taut, allowing the ring through her clit hood to quiver, the heavy ball seeming to vibrate on her clit, keeping her so near to coming, yet strain as she might, still so far away! * * * “Wake up, you lazy good for nothing bitch!” yelled a female voice, close to Vicky’s ear. I was desperate and very grateful when they let me know later that you had graciously agreed to accommodate me. I studied all the pictures again with my own erection pressing hard against my slacks and wondered what would happen next


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