The man was seated on a couch his organ standing up in his lap. And remember, no cumming. Finally the day had arrived. . ” Roberto watched her relax slight shifting in his lap. As it slid in I felt only slight friction against the expanded walls of my sore ass. When the elevator door opened I sheepishly asked if she was going to go to bed.   He wasted no time and shoved it through the ring into Gabriela’s mouth gripping her long dark hair to hold her in place, as his hips moved forcibly forward slamming against her face repeating the act of the leader. . Roberto was almost bouncing in the chair as waves of anxiety flowed through him. .   Her eyes darted around as if to look for some escape, but there was none. . Her thick hot hairy pussy felt amazing on my completely bare shaved cock. I told her that she looked very good and I would love to see her without that dress on.   Tears were running down her cheeks.


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