It’s black with gold trim. Word is he’s asking around. “You obviously enjoyed tonight, in fact we both obviously enjoyed tonight! If you want to continue fucking and being a slut, then please do so, but always tell me about it! Never hide it from me, then we’ll be OK” He asked lovingly. ” “Perhaps,” Luke said looking back at Sally, “That remains to be seen. He nodded at the man who immediately sprang across the room with surprising speed and grabbed an unresisting Don. ” “I’m Betty,” She said her voice quivering. ” Chapter six Sally Lewis woke slowly and even before she opened her eyes she knew the sun was streaming into the room. I was thinking, in for a penny, in for a pound. ” Sally smiled and lay her head back and let the older woman fondle her for a while. You made me come two or three times. “I guess I don’t know one drink from another. “When I say I’m pleased to see you, I really mean it. “Thank you, Tom,” Sally said, “Miracle power drink?” Tom smiled and nodded. Two white girls and one black girl. Print out your last proposal and don’t add or subtract anything. The balls that had been implanted caused a rippling sensation. He made me realize that there was just one thing here that mattered

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