Your f****y has sex with each other? Mike asked in a shocked voice. After about five minutes or so i hear him with a shakey voice say im about to cum I thought to my self, Well. I turned side to side looking at myself. My name is Beth and you must be Michael! Said the new mom from across the street. I was thinking, what is this guy possibly saying? Then they started to walk off together! I thought, fuck this! What is going on? So I hid and called her to say hi and ask what’s up. . She sent me the picture and I immediately forwarded it to my hubby with the caption ‘what real men do…’ and a 😉 face. Wiping my cum all over my hard nipples making them glisten, I smiled to myself as I took another selfie to show Olly what he had missed out on. . And he grabbed my hand and placed on his monster cock


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