Tom was kneeling in front of my closed legs and he ran a hand up my leg and across my tummy and back down the other leg. Girls’ night in was the decision for tonight. . Dave hears the front door close–and winces. I called her s*s she called me b*o. “Arrrrrrrr Tommmm” I moaned and started to lift myself up on to my vibrator “Yessssssssssssss Tom, Arr THAT‘S IT Tom” I cried out My whole body went in to an involuntary spasm as my legs nipped together against Tom’s body. “Use your hips and push hard in to me,” I ordered Our bodies were close together with each thrust rubbing against my clitty, Tom was doing it just how I wanted. The boss then showed her where his personal shower was and sent her to use it. All was revealed when I looked at the video. I look deeply into your eyes, trying to gauge your reaction while simultaneously making my intention clearly known to you. Papi is going to put the rest of this soup can into your asshole, baby. Come take it from Papi

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