” I had fallen into his cunning trap. The fucking didn’t end there. Where I got the gumption to put my hand across the door and say, “Now hold it, I’m not Ms Hodge”, well this would have worked but my bathrobe which wasn’t tied securely in my rush, swished open with my outstreched arm and well all the three guys got a close up free lingering glimpse of my shaved private region and my fulsome tits. “I know I watched you. He had claimed he only drank to kill the pain & agony of living with her. Hell the way she was plowing me I couldn’t even think straight. A beautiful woman working at a gay bar must be too good to be true? “You ever heard of the word, “Transgendered?” My eyes opened wide. Both my hands full of cock. Of course i not only wanted to look powerful and assertive i wanted to be powerful and assertive too. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Oh well I‘d deal with that when it happened. I stood my ground, blocking the door, “No” I said. It must have been akin to a regulation size golf ball, shot off in four or five warm, stringy bursts deep inside her. As coyly as possible I nodded my head. I warmed up with my gf toy and trained myself and putted the butt plug. My face gave me away

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