I cupped my cock and balls in my hands as if I wanted to send the message: ‘Your eyes don’t get to see this, dude. ” “This is the first decent truck I have had, I want to keep it that way. “Where did you get those?” I asked. Ugh! Again with the c***dish behavior. THE FIRST WEEKEND… Friday seemed to come quickly this week. Debby was one expert cock sucker and I was enjoying her work. “I never thought I would say this to a boy, but you are pretty good at sucking cock. We talked for about an hour and I helped him get off over the phone and we made arrangements for him to visit me on Sat night at 8 pm. The party was scheduled on a Saturday afternoon at a hotel a few miles from the Vegas strip. But nothing more happened then that. The night started to come to an end . &#034Nah. I feel bad for him on days like this, it’s hard to find a date when you are a tentacle monster. Remember he’s not allowed to cum


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