Shake them for me. He didn’t, but I dammed sure did. You have to stay on for fifteen minutes?” “That right,” Crank said. He starts a tirade of abuse towards her. That’s where we first did it. Taking her time, and taking each foot in turn she holds them in her hands and covers them with adoring kisses and long licks of her tongue. “Oh I wasn’t actually in the room,” Sam said. I think it takes a big man to realize that he isn’t man enough to satisfy a woman completely. We did sex almost three times at that night and at morning we both got to freshen up and went to our homes. I screamed and pushed him away. “You got a bed somewhere around here?” Crank asked. “Is that thing real?” Crank silently stared with growing alarm at the size of the man’s tool. “Some people will do anything to get out of housework

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