When I come back in the living room, I was ready to come back and tell everything to my hubby, show him the video ( I already packed the cam) and see his reaction. Gives me yet another way to hurt you,” she could hear his smirk again. Yeah deep down inside I was happier then the rest of the student body. It was swiftly replaced with a new gag. I was heavly madeup and had a chocker with the word “Slut”, Black platforn shoes with ankle straps and elbow length black fishnet gloves. . He then made one very last powerful thrust and then he became very calm, he just laid there, I also laid on his dick, his dick was deep inside my anus. . He was shy and seemingly kept to himself. I sucked him for a long time, a very long time. : Sort of shocked I turned and there was Gabriel standing in a door way motioning me over. Her body trembled as much as it could in her strict restraints while she waited. I was waiting for that too… He made me cum in a minute… And when he came the minute after, I came again…. . . She left the room for about 30 seconds, I was half expecting some guy to walk in and kick the shit out of me, but thankfully she came back in

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