Alison realised as soon as Reggie told her that “Paul was coming this afternoon” (which on its own gave her shudders of fear,) that it would be a long afternoon, so she quickly threw together a cottage pie, which on a low heat would be ready for them all at six, she knew better than to serve a meal late to her husband who would enjoy punishing her and after an afternoon of Paul and his robust games she knew she would be pushed to break-down point. . There were a few practical difficulties to that of course, we were in the midst of nowhere in terms of toys and kit, however as I said earlier, unbeknown to my son, we have been bdsm swingers for some time and we do carry a pair of handcuffs and a couple of leather cuffs for ankles, and a dog collar for the odd games while away but the rest of our toys are hidden away at home. Laughing, he jumped out of the car and he ran off. ’ My part of the thing was to get her ready and trussed up, so taking a few items off I went to our bed and quickly snapped on the cuffs in front of her, she woke and I smiled at her and kissed her and she smiled back saying “oh want to play do you!” she let me put on her collar and anklet cuffs with a big grin, then with a fleeting look of concern said “but I need to pee” my answer was to run one of her scarves as a gag through her teeth tying it behind her head, this for her was something new, then her eyes showed relief as I stood her up and led her into the kitchen. ” “Course you do. My mother in law was staying at that time so, only 10 mins of being back in contact with MD I was stealing money out of her purse to buy my Mistress whatever she desired. His seven inch cock stood out proud and stiff, the thick veins throbbing with intent. She was sucking his lips and biting him. Hannah: ok hehe After Hannah got her turn, I was really close to cumming so I told them that I gotta cum


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