Hell, she could see it too; a mighty bulge that snaked onto his thigh. . You might want to unbuckle those jeans and get that cock released. ‘Wha…?’ ‘I couldn’t sl**p, baby, I kept thinking of your Dad, my bed feels so empty without him. Even so, it felt like a lifetime before I was tapping once again on my s****r’s bedroom door. Your mine now sissy! Daddy owns you. ’ I skipped back to my room, unoffended by her brusqueness; after all, she was almost always rude to me. Ya hear me, bitch? Ah, but Dex, I might have something else… He cut her off, Get your white ass over here dressed like I told you, clocks tickin , blondie. ‘Perfect’ said Tom ‘They don’t sag at all’. Deeper and deeper he probed her relaxed hole. “How tall did you reckon?” I asked Deb

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