It was already starting to get dark so I headed off to let her get ready. It was her turn alright. We searched online in our area to find a willing woman that would be ok with this kind of arrangement, over 18, STD free, and on birth control, since the plan was that it would be condomless sex concluding with an internal vaginal ejaculation.   The men were well-endowed, and those girls many of them even smaller than your Gabriela took it all. . yeah I know that much. I was so bored, there was nothing to do. Shit. . He pushed me down and turned me over. He ordered me to undress. I lay there staring up at the ceiling, with some outside light providing enough so that you could still see somewhat, especially as my eyes adjusted to the dark. .   She was getting more than half of it in her mouth and was trying to push even more it down partly into her throat

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