She stroked and jerked my oiled throbbing cock. Her face and hair were to die for and she is so sweet and oh so feminine in every way. He ignored her husband as one of the hands reached down and began to grope at her cute white ass through her silk lingerie. I hovered over her as my cock played and teased with the wet lips of her pussy, just softly parting them then pulling back out before having another stab. I continued to slowly enter her until my shaft was completely buried in her warm and very tight love canal. She took her mouth off my cock, I was nearly coming why did she do that??? She positioned herself over my hard cock. Her makeup id gorgeous, eye shadow, deep red lipstick the works, and her beautiful blonde hair is down past her shoulders. Her breathing was rapid and hard. I undid the knot of her hair and ran my fingers thru her hairs . We leaned together gently until our lips touched and slowly kissed each other, then our mouths started to open with tongues seeking each other. It was four minutes earlier than expect. Now the big moment had come, preparing for it for months. I closed the door and headed over to him. It seemed like she was going to be the one having trouble remembering her vows, the sexual intensity was starting to leave its mark on Kate. It’s very hard not to examining every inch of her body when she is sitting opposite you, with her full cup plain white bras and lacy big knickers covered with her black tights and showing off her sexy nylon clad shapely legs

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