As the officers walked away to join in on the raid, Amy kicked against the door in rage, prompting both officers to turn around and give her a Hey Now ! look. Thanks guys for reading so patiently. After what happened today they’ll never stop taking my class. ” “Have you uncurled your toes?” I asked with a grin. Was I some casual fling or conquest? Was there more to it? Only one way to find out. it was horrible…started liking ass fuck . Of course occasionally they got a little naughty as well and teased me in various ways. I felt a building pressure as she grasped my cock with her internal muscles again. “Whatever you were able to do to her, or with her, has been amazing,” Natalie said. HOLD ON! I said nervously as I grabbed my jacket to cover up the massive hard on she had given me. . I blushed again. Then he took his hand slept. Anyway thanks again and have a beautiful time ;3 . Me- guys I am yours now. he said ok! but he said just one, you must be very tired, specially after all those lorry drivers, you been having sex with, I said ok! nice bar lots of people, we sat in a corner of the bar, the walls were full of pictures, with wrestling men on them, and the barman, big man around 50 years old with nice tommy and big muscles, he is in the other corner of the bar, talking to 4 big men like him,we order our drinks, after a while I tell my husband, I think he is the owner, he is in the pictures, Then i tell my husband to go to the bathroom and to phone me, I tell him to wait good 10 minutes before you come back, My husband Smiles, and tells me,you are not that tired after all, I said not any more, So the phone rings, I started Talking in Turkish, he looks at me with an inquiring face, and he asks me, in what language was I talking to, I said Turkish, I extended my hand, I said, I am Leyla, a naughty wife from Istanbul, Turkey, he tells me, his name is Carlos and this is his bar, is late now and the bar is nearly empty, two couples and his big friends left in the bar, my husband comes back, I introduce them, I tell my husband that Carlos is a retired wrestler, and he is going to show me some more pictures of his wrestling days, in his office, ( I HAD TO GIVE IT TO HIM, HE WAS QUICK THINKING ) HE tells my husband, they want be late, then he said, Shall we, so I go with him throw a bids curtain, I zoos as we are in his office, he asked me how do you know I had an office, I sway I did not know, but I guessed. She looked up at me and made me promise I would visit her that night, We can share drinks and play music together! . satisfy my lust After listening to this they immediately asked me to strip down my all clothes and moved to bed. Just wanted to say, please feel free to leave suggestions (as specific as you like) in your comments

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