My eyes just begged him to take the final action to release me from this eternal torment. It was the first time that two dicks were parallel in my both holes altogether and that too, of that great size. I eagerly leaned forward and tentatively ran my tongue over his tight young asshole. So a new guy showed up in 15 minutes. I exploded wildly and they released me from grip. The other boy had a full thatch of dark pubes, and a huge cock that easily stretched to 9 1/2 inches above a set of the most amazing low hangers I had ever seen. The rowdy guy passed me my clothes and I went to washroom to get dressed. . Greig. He liked to have his balls pulled hard. He looked at my face and I tried to smile back with dick still in my mouth. So I took my car and reached to the hotel which he told me, he was waiting near reception it was his friend’s hotel Suraj was his name, Mandar took me from behind it. A fresh crop of victims was soon going to come Chang’s way

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