The stripes looked lovely she thought, there was nothing nicer than turning pale flesh to red and then to blue and purple as the bruises developed and her free hand reached down to between her legs and felt her desire through the wetness and engorged clit that she gently touched arousing herself even more. 50pm exactly, hand in hand. ” she uttered. . I’d have laughed if I hadn’t been so cross with myself. I mean his tongue was treating my pucker like it was a dribbling ice-cream on a hot day. Linda had not had his cock in her mouth since their wedding night, and now, here was this young thirty something woman delighting the man she so loved. She stepped backwards to the bed and then sat down on the edge, still holding my hands. And besides. “No, you look fine to me…besides I think you’ll try to lock us out” His big booted foot was now strategically placed in the doorway. She pulled my head down to suck on them for a while before kneeling on the edge of the bed and sticking her girdled bottom out to me. ) – of course this was the first time i had done it when he was practically naked- and our respective heights being what they were- put my face right in the middle of his jock strap. He would lose his job. I made her promise to wear that orange-and-white bikini. The levitation was awesome. He seemed a little sheepish. “Do you promise that you won’t tell anyone?” I huskily groaned as I kissed the rubber knob. I started to lash it back and forth with my tongue but she immediately clamped her legs together and told me to be gentle, and go around it in circles. . “There are some in here who are that type

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