Down through her dark thatch, down between her thighs, a light brushing of her engorging labia, fingers dragged lightly though her wet slit and back up to her big, bouncing bosoms. I let the other guy come in. I was able to host, since I had an hotel room with two rooms. And I was totally hooked. He did that and I just leaned on his shoulders with his hand around my waist…I felt so wonderful that I can’t describe his touch. A quick nipple pull with my teeth as I came up for air, then down again, repeatedly pushing the nipple back into the breast with my tongue until she squealed in delight. Then maybe we could grab a bite? I thanked her for the offer, but told her I had my daughter and her friend along for the week and I had already told them we were having dinner at the steak house in the mall tonight. After that, he lied down and made my mom ride him. I walked over to the cart intending on buying a bottle of water. I totally repressed any inclination to wear female clothing. I stepped into the bath behind her and straddled her butt as I sat down


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