“I love you so much,” she said looking in his eyes. Im sure guys who have gone thru such an experience will know how it feels. Our lips locked and she wrapped her legs around me, put her heels on my arse, trying to pull me closer, into her. ” I reached up, grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back so her back arched and tits jutted out. But Ann relaxed again just as I brought my cock to the brink of bursting. The pleasure was so intense that tears streamed down her bright red face as she struggled forward. “Her man should make sure she’s nice and clean. How any girl would have loved their date with him tonight was beyond me. Right before lunch, the Director came in to talk to Charlie. His front door. Give me what you want to give them!” she urged. Chapter 3 It was strange, but Charlie was finding his weekends less and less interesting each week. As only a narrow road separate both units, I could actually see them quite clearly. Joey was weak, and painful… But I just wanna give her a taste of hard wheelbarrow fuck. It says ‘Head of marketing’ on the door, she opened the door and ushered me in. I had arched into Maria with my hot rod deeply embedded into her molten core. I could still taste my salty jizz on her mouth. Well, of course I jumped at the opportunity

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