My heart raced. She wore a tight skirt which pressed together a pair of attractive buttocks Rachel was not indifferent to. Oh, and THANKS! Wow, did I ever need that! I meant my orgasm, of course. I will if it pleases you my love. They took off the coats and they were dressed in trousers with suspenders, rough linen shirts and a large cap. She pulled out my throbbing shaft and licked her lips. The next day Christy came to me and acted even more flirty than usual. I told them that we were going to move to the outdoor patio. I drank quite a bit, but some still ran down the side of my face and soaked the pillow. He opened his laptop and showed me a variety of pics and vids of her. This became my new challenge. She was just a barfly from the local joint and didn’t realize I was laughing at her, not with her, when she had been flirting with me. As I shot ropes of cum into her I collapsed on top of her body onto her tits

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