I peep outside to see if he still there, but he wasn’t, might have gone after waiting for me or he might felt bad about what we did. I asked Rahul to put his dick inside, he asked guy 1 to start, g1 removed his underwear and took my both thighs in his arms and started kissing them. Spurt after spurt of his white juice found its target on my face and in my hungry mouth. . I slapped on his ass and told him to use the restroom and I am not a toilet…. The movie was romantic and hot with a lot of love and steamy scenes in it, I was getting tempted but was afraid to touch him. ) These guys are very casual and not in any hurry or hungry, I liked the way they treated me. He got out and said quickly through the open window, &#034Keep in touch, Andy. “I don’t give a damn about her. As we lay there on the floor sharing the closeness and the warmth of each others bodies, he raised his left leg and placed it over my hips to encompass me intimately within him. He used a key, and walked in just as a copy car pulled up. I felt as if I had worked for this liaison for a very long time and I kind of thought that I had in some way earned it. Nice

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