Maybe I had an u*********s desire to be caught; literally to have my little secret uncovered. ” She threw my clothes at me carelessly s**ttering them. She got out a pair of rubber gloves and put them on with an authoritative snap. Her thighs parted. Then she was lowered over the side and chained in position, arms spread as if on a crucifix, legs splayed wide. I’d had one guy that was all of 14 inches, not too thick but long, he really filled me. He mounted her, roughly, and pushed his hard throbbing cock into her tight cunt. “God you look sexy like that,” Mike said as he sauntered over, and guided his cock into Kath’s hot cunt. I want to be tied up, spanked, whipped, fucked, ****d, buggered, pissed on, slapped and then fucked some more. Quentin was beginning to understand how terror. “No?” “Never. The strain was too much

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