She asked him not to kiss her, but just pound her as hard as he wanted, she assured him she could take it. On the long way back from their frolics, Rachel had given Henry a lot of information about the lesbian crowd and their desire to join f***es with the men to make this area safer, cleaner and much more enjoyable to all. He entered her from behind and started to pump. “Now” she said firmly, “show me what you can do with this” And with that, she parted her legs and lifted her dress just enough to reveal what may have been the biggest hosed encased cock I had ever laid eyes on. Have you ever had sex with a person significantly older or younger than yourself? Yes 30. I asked if I could come over sometime and he said “Sunday. Had someone give you a cum facial or given someone a cum facial? Both . The one was a simple six, which was what she would originally have received, had her punishment not been commuted to copying the rules. Most of the usual ones for a cuck-wannabe. Does it excite you in a sexual way? Is that the excitement you feel? Yeah. When she is standing in the appointed spot, you will instruct her to place her feet apart. Do you want to lick your spunk out of my pussy? Would you not rather I cleaned up? I asked aroused at his suggestion. I pulled my dick out from my personal oral cavity and tried to cover it up with my hands. I played it cool for the moment and changed the subject

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