Her asshole felt amazing around my cock and I was nearing my own orgasm. I pulled her down to her knees in front of me and began to jack my cock in her face. This time it was a man’s face and his tongue was working her clit hard. ” I returned her smile and gave my cock a few tugs. I decided we would invite him to our hotel room that night and see what would happen. We better get cleaned up. Trying to avoid them she moved to her left and bumped into another couple, this time both men, sucking each other’s cocks. I thought we were finished. She pushed herself back on my cock and said he was so big. Really, how could a strange man know her body well enough to get her to cum, anyway. It was a mind bending orgasm for the both of us and I loved it. He gave her constant tips on her hand which I did not mind too much… We gambled for three hours with Ana mostly winning with Parker’s help.


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