All hell broke loose again and it took nearly an hour before everyone had dressed again and sitting down. Henry carried Rachel’s strapon in a small bag over his shoulder and was ready to hand it to her if she needed it. Before I turned to head toward the bar I noticed Sam was looking at me. He was persistant, and started back by smacking my cheeks with his big dick. I began masturbating immediately, and I ejaculated very quickly. Before I left the room, Kerri had walked in. Even after sated sex I became obsessed with being his girl. “JD and water for me and a gin and tonic for the lady. Facing the window, she bounced up and down on my cock. I leaned down to kissed her and once our mouths were locked, I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. Kenzie gradually picked up the speed, pushing in harder, against the friction of that tight muscular chute. When we left, they had just a little bit longer than everybody else did, and they kissed on the lips


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