I turned to show hubby that half my ass was exposed then I turned and ran a finger up my Camel toe to make sure it was perfect. When I pushed my thumb into her little butt hole, she answered by pressing her behind hard against me, swallowing my cock whole with her wet hole. Hell your dad shot a load six months before I ever did. Uncle Buck, can I still sneak in for a haircut? I asked with the cutest smile I could muster up. We fell asl**p cuddling, which I never do. I stepped out of them , my four inch cock standing tall it was so hard it actually pointed up. When he came in I acted like time had got away from me. His trousers were hanging around one foot and he had cum in his face. He finally grabbed my butt cheeks and screamed out, One, two, and when he screamed three he pushed hard on my cheeks shoving my cock all the way into his ass letting out the most painful scream I have ever heard. They where so tight it hurt to set down. Then she lifted her bra up and her boobs flopped out. And again. That wasnt enough, and she said HARDER. The adrenalin boost from her lust is slowly going down when she gets close to Lilly to give her a huge kiss. It was simply overpowering. There was a court order for the repossession of my house – not yet submitted – with a job offer as Benson’s slave for three years, to write it all off – starting that night! What could I do – I couldn’t loose everything I had worked for – I begged and pleaded with him but to no avail– so in the end I signed. The three men luxuriated in the attention they were receiving, sprawling back in their chairs, sipping brandy, as the three gorgeous young women serviced their hard dicks with their mouths. I started going to a tanning bed and laid in it topless. Looks good! Croaked out of my throat. Hubby said I want to watch you fuck someone

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