She was getting down on it pretty good. I now knew more than I had. I remember being disappointed, but thinking that Ted would leave in a while. That ain’t a problem…what else?” “When is this…whatever it is?” she asked. After a while she got up and left to do some shopping. “How do you like that black cock in your ass, bitch?” Tony said. “Few little problems to work out, but should be no sweat. “Is that thing real?” Crank silently stared with growing alarm at the size of the man’s tool. I knew from my own experience that the surviving cop had adrenalin pumping in by the buckets and he was very likely to shoot anything and anybody that surprised him. After fucking for a few long minutes, he cum again deep inside my horny cunt… Later I made him promise me that this could never happen again and that he could not mention this to anyone, especially my husband. I saw this evil deed and I am ready to stand up and be counted. I was very upset because I was hoping this would be a nice moment to make love with him; since he had not got time for me in a while because he was tired and stressed due to his job most of the time. After thirty minutes of this Sally lost count of the climaxes she had. I went into one of the glory hole booths and I started to play with my dick. “I just found out last week that I like for a woman to play with me, but honestly it doesn’t affect me like a man doing me. ” “Why was he mad at you?” She shrugged her shoulders, but didn’t answer. That’s what I was being paid to do, I’m a private investigator. ” Tears started down her cheeks

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