We arrived in Athens mid-morning and the first thing I did was find a cheap student hotel to crash out so that I could at least get my bearings with a clear mind. . . Our lovemaking was soft and tender, almost like poetry. He told me for men they charge Rs750 and if we are doing it as couple he would charge only rs1000. But again I was proved wrong. He fucked me slow and then fast. But as she had gotten older (she was my senior by four years), Mom had taken to bathing and dressing us separately and we never got to see each other naked. &#034 He was well aware that about all she could do in the kitchen was make coffee. ‘How about I put my dick inside you and we try to get them to come off together?’ She smiled, ‘Okay, but you have to pull it out before it spurts otherwise I might get pregnant. And she was looking very sexy and a bitch in heat.

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