My own voice sounded unfamiliar, alien, even to me. . Each delicious, panging sensation leads into the next, increasing in pace until my depth has a pulse of its own. As I slid my face down I could see she was red and swollen, from three days holding that dirty thong so tight against her soft little lips. “What do you mean”? “Well I guess we reek of sex”! “Oh My god, I’ll have to make sure I get well cleaned up, I cannot afford to have a trace of the smell on me when I get home” “Relax, a quick shower and you’ll be sweet smelling again. We began the short walk over to her friends apartment. His huge cock hit places and made my pussy feel so good inside god it was so great. My pussy was dripping wet all morning, every time I took a step or moved I felt my slick pussy lips sliding against each other. We carried on chatting but I noticed that the conversation was getting a bit more intimate, she began asking about my past girlfriends, how old they were, what colour hair they had, at first fairly innocuous things but then suddenly, totally out of the blue, what they were like in bed. We could just give. At the restaurant she got into his car and told him to drive somewhere secluded. My mouth was dry, I moved up, then flicked my tongue on the hood of her clit

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