He then gave my ass a plyful smack, and stated that this was going to be fun. After all, the person, if he was a womanizer, must have had many women – and I am just a girl. I walked out of the hotel straight in to our car. Whenever possible, I used to sit beside him and very close to him. Her lips were smooth, tongue was soft and breath smelled very sweet. As i was staring she looked in my direction and smiled and blew a kiss towards me. . Mike stood in front of me, unzipping his cock as I placed my hands on my ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart, showing the guys the holes that were available to them, to use and abuse as they saw fit. I gasped, but did not move. ” I will do it said Vasundhara”. I let him see me a few mins and walked over to give him a hug. Chinmai hugged vasundhara and and felt her buttocks and tried squeezing them. Rajiv made me sit on his lap and started chatting. But the most important reason for choosing that place is because the flat also happened to be very close to where Sharma uncle and Vijay uncle worked, so they can visit me anytime they wanted. I kept doing it till uncle stopped me and said, “I want your mouth”. Sharma uncle immediately shoved his big hard cock back into my pussy with such a sudden f***e that I let out a gasp. Harry was the first to explode, unleashing a powerful stream straight into my mouth, slipping down my cheating slut throat. I could feel electric shocks through my body, my pussy felt like it was on fire and about to explode any moment and my head felt light


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