What is that for? I asked. He felt me slowly starting to relax. Oh you will he see he told me. I could just fit it inside me. “Suck my clit harder. Soon, I was balls-deep again. So much hotter when I think of you as daddy while we fool around. His llong licks u and down my ass-crack was unbelievably sensuous. Evidently he promptly went and told her about my inquiry. I had been day-dreaming at work about a recent hire, Tim, who was single and handsome. This was my first time but watching movies made it seem like it was ok. We were to meet at six thirty and I had gotten there about a quarter after six. She gags and coughs a second time, hot breath and a little spit shooting out her nose and she sticks her warm wet tounge out under my shaft to take more cock in her throat. She cried out, “Alan you are huge, FUCK ME”!. I unzipped his pants and took it out

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