She whimpered around the sudden intrusion, even further humiliated by the taste of her own arousal coating his fingers. A twisted little smirk adorned his face, “As pretty as your eyes are, I think you’re the kind of girl that likes surprises. She hadn’t even noticed before that a leather cuff was closed around each of her ankles and chained securely to the legs of the chair. I found heather dancing with a group (mostly men) still missing her bra, nipples hard as a rock, and her lipstick was all but gone. Daddy cum in my pussy, I want your baby . I loved what he was doing to me down there and totally lost control and now wanted to do whatever James wanted. “well it looks like you have a clean up boy, heather!” katie said. He spread his legs and propped his perfect ass up. Once we had sex before the game, in the locker room, he not only sacked the other teams QB he intercepted and ran for the winning touchdown. The snickers of others floated in the darkness

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