She felt fantastic and more than just a handful anymore. Then he suddenly withdrew and lifted me as if I was a feather and placed me on the couch in a sitting position, grabbed my ankles and threw them up by my shoulders and ordered me to take his cock and shove it inside me. After his fifth and last orgasm, his weakest, which took nearly a half hour to achieve, his reddened cock finally went limp, and his now hairless ball sack hung low. I slid into the seat, noticing that Jeans skirt was half way up her thighs. Move slut he yelled, wiggle that ass. I couldn’t be any deeper. Kneeling at Sonya’s head Troya attacked Gail’s defenseless anus with the same intensity with tongue and fingers. Casey pushed me off her latex cock and ordered me to turn around with my ass in the air. This is not a fetish per se- but I love riding buses and trains in the summer. Fuck me there , she croaked. I tried not to listen their conversations but heard arousing stories which I usually brushed off. I had no idea how far down i was until i was told to bend over and i heard him telling me how wide open my hole was, to demonstrate this he put three fingers straight inside me with little resistance and i loved it Can i please have your cock now? The woman on the screen had two cocks filling both of her holes and i desperately wanted my arse filled too. She turned her body slightly, and her breast was directly facing my mouth, she moved forward and I felt her nipple touch my lips


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