Lynn and I just stared at the biggest cock we have ever seen. She was beginning to warm up to the inevitable, and thought to herself. Your presentation ready? He knew that if anyone was ready, she was. I was going through underwear so fast that I just stopped wearing it altogether. Quickly my hand went to her pussy. Mona and Daphne looked longingly at the two men. I woke the next morning with Lynn between my legs sucking my cock. As I did, I stepped out of one leg of my sweat pants and thrust a long awaited stream on the ground. Her focus shifted, as she accepted Ron’s large throbbing cock into her mouth. . AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!. . A dirty smile crossed my face as I toyed with the idea of actually taking Lamont up on his offer. All this fucking and sucking, and now Linda was beginning to enjoy the feeling of these big black cocks as they ravaged her juicy, cum-filled hole. Leo and I got there at 8pm and Amy was there waiting

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