Shekhar also licked Lakshmi’s nipples which became erect and soon Shekhar’s hand was groping between her legs all the while as Anita watched. Some in Jeans/T shirt, some in skirt blouse and some in a saree as well. One of them pulled out a chair and invited her to sit down and the liveried waiter brought her a complimentary beer, winking at her. Except for one or two men everyone else had come with their wives/girlfriends who were clad in various outfits. They were now on an even keel. We all sat & chatted. You, yes, you Bhasu, strip both these females and now is the time for me to see how good your cock actually is so get rid of all your clothes as well by the time I blink my eye. After some unimpressive bidding, it was again the man with the trimmed moustache who paid 25000 instead of the stipulated price of 20000 although he could have easily paid only 20000. She will shut the door on his face. How could one argue with this man! “What I was saying was that there should be some conversation between us also. Now that he has seen me fucking her, if ever he sees me doing that again, it will not shock him. He is so thankless. Scott opened the shower door and asked, “Mind if I join you?” He was already taking off his clothes


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