I did not realize that the chance calling her a didi really made us as close as s****rs. I stood in front of the men and with my knees straight, I bent down to put the tray on the table. I became quiet. “Oh wow boys, did you get ready for suhag raat?” I asked, “I did not think you boys would get ready so nicely for just us two”. He was licking my asscheeks, my pussy, and even my butthole. Marci was heading home on a beautiful Saturday night from her girlfriend’s house. I nodded and gave him a smile. Soon I felt his cock rub against my pussy and ass all over. Part Mastiff, part Collie and part Alsatian – a true mongrel, but a lovely natured pooch, roughly the size of a small boxer. . After 20mins, he cummed all over my body. It took us almost two hours to return and I was tired. ? you were. “Well Ma’am you just admitted that you’ve had a few to drink, and I can’t have the body count to increase higher than it already is, can I? Please stand up for me with your hands behind your back,” he told her

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