She kissed me passionately but with loving tenderness for a long, long time. She moved on the sofa, turning slightly, putting her elbow on the armrest, half propped up, with one arm over my shoulder and the other gently stroking my chest, fingers pushing between the shirt buttons to feel my naked skin beneath. We went out to this romantic restaurant and had a lovely dinner with a few drinks. It was very hard to swallow that things it was his cum it was nasty. And soon my cock squirted cum (for the first time without a condom ) into her pussy, with her hearing my moans as I came she road me harder till all my cum had left my cock. He looked across at Chris, who was watching the TV with his legs drawn up beneath him, and it struck him how feminine Chris looked at that moment. He was still twisting my nipples he f***ed me down on my knees and started shoving his monster in my mouth and as usual my mouth was not big enough to take his cock in he was still forcing it he fucked my mouth for few mins and then fucked my ass and pussy brutally by the time he cummed on my face rest of the three were ready to destroy me i begged them to stop but they didn’t listen to me and this way my fucking session continued till 9 in the evening because i got u*********s because of brutal fucking the i had even lost count how many times i was fucked and i had cummed more than 20 times after that i lost count of own fucking. . I informed Mohan that we need to go to the nearby town in our Scorpio and have to start by 8:30 P. He agreed and at the time of ejaculation, he took it out to handjob himself but I spanked his hands away and took control myself and penis stiffed to ejaculate, I put it near my mouth and opened it as the first jet shot came and I sucked it all in and he did comment to my satisfaction that was one hell of an experience for him. Not to worry, I mumbled against her neck. Do you want to show me? You do it, I said softly. As the stroking continued, it moved closer and closer to my hardening cock! I glanced out of the corner of my eye at Shelly, but she continued eating her salad and chatting, as if nothing unusual was going on

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