This had the effect of f***efully thrusting the dildo into my mouth. While it was humiliating, it was also proper, appropriate. We stayed chatting basically until closing time and were kicked out. . Almost as quickly as she started sucking me, she stopped. Now I must admit that Friday evenings in the lab have something extra to it 😉 . It is so neat to be jerked around the house as he does his daily work. Although Mistress did not use me or tease me, the butt-plug and cock-cage worked together, and my arousal continued to torture my cock, waking me frequently. The menu is on the kitchen table. Each time I responded. I obeyed, then she strapped my head tightly into the helmet part of the device. She lifted her skirt, pulled down her hose, and sat. I grabbed it with both hands and began to masturbate it as I slipped my wet lips up and down on the head coaxing precum into my mouth. “It’s fine, just because you came doesn’t mean we’re done,” she said naughtily. She leaned back and felt my chest with her hands, she blushed slightly and smiled at me as she took my shirt off. Her face was evenly tan, beautifully made up, without a wrinkle or indication that life had ever worried her. But at least I got to see it again!!!!! An awesome night I still think through on a regular basis. She called to explain her situation

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