He told me to bend forward and hold the rail. . There I saw two guys engaged in sexual action.   Gabriela could sense it too and moved her head even faster, her tongue rasping the length of him so deliciously. . Also as he has learned from experience, if he curls up when I want him exposed, four electrostim pads attached to his back muscles on full power make him arch his back instantly and painfully. It was now getting late.   When he pulled out and slid from behind her, Gabriela quickly knelt on the floor and desperately worked the other man’s cock deep in her mouth.   He remembered the disoriented look on her face after he came in her mouth and she dutifully swallowed every drop. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh my god!” She whined as she came closer and closer. After a couple of months of anal stretching, I was able to fully fist him, which gave me complete control of his prostate.   In another her smiling face was visible as both her ano and vagina were being penetrated. It was my turn to do the riding and Lisa was eager for that moment.   Now with three cocks inside her is was mostly the men doing the moving trying to shove as much of their length as possible inside his daughter. . So I thought I dropped by and keep you company. . As he did it he told me how attractive I was, how he had wanted me from the second he saw me – how he had sought out and bought my idiot husband’s gambling debts


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