I lifted her leg and managed to get to her pussy again licking and pushing my tongue into her, this spurred her on to suck even harder. There was nobody else. “Rajiv, are you happy with my performance?” He hugged me tightly, kissed me and said, “Dear, you are beautiful but I never guessed that you are so strong, you exhausted we three. Only then did my eyes move lower, tracing an imaginary line down from her chin into the valley between her small firm globes. . I took them there to meet bigbirtha. . . I’ve always wanted to be shared with a few guys, and I must admit when I fantasized about that the men were always black. I never ( in last 2-3 years ) sat like that in presence of father but here I was seated beside a man at least 10 years elder to my father. Vinod lighted one cigarette and he tried to push it between my lips. He walked with his one hand across my waist. “ My husband uttered


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