. It was one I had used before when Jenny and I had filmed ourselves having sex. I let her go and I went to get a cold beer. I was walking around our pool looking at the water when she came down from the house. They looked exactly like those couples you see in nudist magazines. He decided now was the time to get serious and try and talk her into it. . He looked at me but didn’t say anything. Her thighs spasmed outward as her vagina thrust out into the empty air, desperately searching for whatever mysterious thing was making it feel so good. YESSSS YESSS. Once I even took his load down my throat which almost choked me. I felt a surge at the root of his cock and I knew his next orgasm was beginning. I began to feel embarrassed. She raised her head to study him more closely. Jenny began to breath more heavily she moaned as his fingers moved onto the softness of her tits teasing the nipples


Black Porn


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