” “That’s my cervix you moron,” Sally yelled. I could feel some of the previous deposits of spunk, trickle out of me and slide in to my ass crack, as Dave’s cock opened me up making me buck against his hard meat. Their rough textured cocks felt strange and wonderful in her orifices. Shut the fuck up bitch , struggling on top of me shoving my legs apart, stuffing more and more of his impossibly large cock into my ass. I left a still grinning Lisa and headed back to my office. ” Sally had sat in shock at his words. . *** His name is Alvin C, Jones and Bull and I joined the Navy at the same time. . She looked damned good. As I had mentioned earlier, a writer is never complete without readers. “Ah, sweet Sally ,” he said laughing. “Sorry, Richard dickhead,” I said. I crawled between her knees, opening her up more and kissed the material, adding my spit to her juices. I sat back, kissed her neck and started to run my hands down to her exposed breasts. With him done and now out of the way the Jamaican grabbed Shaz by the hips and lifted her onto his cock before turning her around so that she was in the reverse cowgirl position

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