A man sat down on the couch and pulled my head down to his cock. My head was pounding as I gingerly picked up my clothes which were s**ttered around the room. ” She smirked as I stepped between her legs. He had the cutest bottom which shook a little as he gently played and stroked. Gliding upwards he moved slowly not touching her pussy. A salty splash of delicious come coated my tongue as I swallowed the deposit immediately. “I’m her b*****r”, he said, using his chin to point to the young woman “I’m her friend”, replied Henry, nodding towards Rachel The young man took out his hard dick from his trousers. She had the confidence of a 21 year old, but she looked so much younger. Good. At this point she was moaning constantly and the relief. She stood up pulled back the cover on the bed slipped her tights off, her top and her bra

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