The only light was from the sun setting over the mountains, and the light over the driveway on the other side of the cabin. I slide my fingers in deep, feeling the depths of her cunt, finger fucking harder as I realise she is starting to cum, feeling the muscles of her cunt grabbing my fingers, almost pulling them into her wet pussy. My buddy stopped fucking her mouth and I really went to town on that pussy. I was now gagging on him my hands trying now desperately to remove his hand from my neck and to back up off him but he was strong and he fucked my throat aggressively getting off on every push, then finally at his will he allowed me to breath at a moment I thought I was going to get dizzy of lack of oxygen. You look at her over your shoulder with love and lust as you open the door to me. Seeing his prowess made me understand immediately why he looked at me as a girl. Madhav waited for a few more seconds until he heard his mother sob out in pain. As he knelt over her, his cock rested in the crack of her ass, and started getting hard. You tell me to hush that we are going to play a game. You take the rose in one hand and my hand in the other and lead me in

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