He said he is not joking and he seriously is attracted to me. Rick’s room was big enough; space for a double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers as well as his desk with all his computer gear. . . Nobody would have noticed that she was enjoying herself except that she was squealing so loudly in time with each stroke of his rock hard rod ramming deep into her welcoming womb. I had never experienced a night like this before and had finally sucked a black man’s cock. I slowly started thrusting in and out her ass as she softly moaned, soon I was fucking her a little harder doggy style and not long later my cock started blowing my hot cum into her sexy tight ass. I was standing there half open mouthed in confusion in what to say or wondering what was this. She smiled, Well, did you enjoy that? she asked quizzically. I rub your tits, specially the nipples that are hard. I was a bit stressed about the situation and my cock was still soft

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