Cum squeezed out as her anus puckered and tightened back to it’s normal shape. She had me kneel before her with the dildo right at eye level, just inches from my mouth. . I knew immediately what was expected and crawled up behind her and spread her beautiful cheeks and began worshipping her wonderful ass. “Careful Santa, don’t want you giving out the wrong presents. . The spy wakes up and can barley speak but notices she is nude. Whether I was becoming more relaxed and aroused because there was no actual man or because I hungered for my ass to be filled, I now fantasized that a big, real man would take me and fuck me as hard as he wanted, finally filling me with his cum. “Go get her”. Markus was walking along the cold streets of Chicago with no destination in mind just walking alone pulling his jacket tight around himself trying not to freeze. I was very nervous and at first objected but she insisted. When he was done with the dishes, he wiped his hands off on his apron, tapped me on the shoulder and signaled me with his eyes to meet him in the walk-in freezer. I reached out on either side and took hold of each of their cocks, one in each hand and began to knead them slowly and gently. I had waited so long to have my anal desires fulfilled, and I was terrified that Monica would stop fucking me. They all seem to have king size cocks, thought Sonia. My ass was alive with pleasurable sensations as Monica pulled all the way out of me only to drive all the way back into me. “Horribly so, please Daddy may I?” He groans as my lips find the sensitive skin on his neck and I bite him hard, a tremble passes through his body and I bite him again even harder. One hand on my neck as he was kissing me and the other fondling my tit. Markus grabbed her costume and lifted the small pathetic excuse of a skirt to expose the red thong that she had teased him with at the bar

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