” Spurred on by his reaction, Hazel began to work her lips up and down his shaft, taking his full length into her mouth over and over again. You got really turned on watching me walk down the track. My final questions were intended to push some hard limits. . Most nights in bed he could fuck her cunt and ass and fill them four times. Just remember that an old man on his birthday should have exactly what he wants. She then grabbed his balls with one hand and began rubbing his nipples with the other. Waiting for a call to get a feeding. This was heaven. He gripped the straps of my jock as he rode and slapped both of my ass cheeks with a strap til they glowed hot red. She kept her tits over his cheeks as she pushed two fingers in his asshole and fucked him. Following that I would make my decision. I flicked through the channels until I found something that caught my interest and watched it until I nodded off. well, let’s wait and see what happens bitch

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