Sonia fainted while the big man ****d her ass with his monstrous fist. When she turns around, Bella says, “Are you alright Master?” Harry roughly shakes himself out of the daze, “Yes, but I’m starting to get think about punishing you for tempting me to break your punishment from earlier. Farther back, almost to the shadows that surrounded the dance floor, I could see Brittany sitting in a chair at a table with Frank and the large bouncer standing close by. This was the first time Wendy had showed any interest in getting fucked and I wasn’t sure if she was enjoying it at first. “Honey, are we okay? You have me worried…” Alexis replied “We’re just fine, I just had to process some things, to reconcile what happened the other night, with Khan…” “Honey, it was a onetime thing, we both got carried away, it will never happen again” I reassured her. Rob jumped up and smacked her ass hard. I need you to fetch Albus for me. Hermione’s head is spinning as she watches her best friend sodomize Mrs. ” That comment got the Amigos really pumped up and they began talking in their high tech language that I couldn’t understand. ” It’s a disgruntled Tonks that produces a length of silk rope, “Very well. She moaned letting her legs fall open a little more for him. He had been a pro for years and his undefeated record came with all but one as knockouts. So what brings you by so early? It’s only nine and we aren’t set to leave until closer to noon. Molly left some sandwiches and I think you’d appreciate a butterbeer

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