He agreed and I stretched it over both of us. As my fingers played with her nipples and ass, my cock reared itself inside her, pressing against her clit once again as I hammered into her. I make her sit up while I stand. She turned to me and said Fuck it, I am so God dam mad and Hurt, I was supposed to have a blind date and the asshole is not here. Staring at the ceiling, he gently stroked her back. Not hungry, but gentle and nice and sexy in a cute sort of way. She kissed me on the cheek and told me to chill. My cock was starting to expand. Kissed her first and started eating one fruit after another. I knelt before her and I lowered my hands to her calves and felt the sheer nylon encasing her legs. After a while I turned her, asked her to bend (while standing only and entered her from behind. It was right next to the beach I was mildly surprised to see this is a clothing optional joint. His skin was dark and contrasted beautifully against his white oxford shirt. I wondered if she had always been a nasty lady, perhaps she fucked many guys while she was in school, or maybe she was shy and reserved. He stuck it in my hole and fucked the shit outta me! He seemed to like going really deep and then moving his hard cock from side to side while in me. I was wondering what type of knickers she was wearing. Including two loads up the ass from Tom. She turned around after they came and sucked their cocks clean and then got me to help out by doing the same! One of the men asked us to line up, side by side on the floor, facing a wall and bending over




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